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HS Trim helps in the following ways to reduce & manage Body Weight:

» HS TRIM is highly effective in Controlling and Reducing Body Weight.
» HS Trim brings about an optimization in the nutrient utilization in the body.
» HS Trim helps in the reduction of cholesterol content and also that of triglycerides.
» HS Trim hinders the synthesis / development of fatty acids, thus decreases the fat content.
» HS TRIM is one of the most effective in hindering post delivery weight gain and helps shaping up of figures.

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Charge up and re-energise your body with the proper intake of nourishing foods to support and maintain its natural detoxification process.

Mother Nature has gifted us some of the unique foods that detoxifies and cleanses the toxins away from our body. The present article throws light upon some of the foods and herbs that you may include in your daily diet for 1-2 weeks to feel cleaner and more energised within a few days.

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"Health Sanctuary", the premiere chain of Weight Management and Skin Care Clinics is a decade old, Private Ltd Company from the Health, Wellness and Lifestyle sector.


Shubi Husain's Health Sanctuary Left Sidebar Image post 2016, Web tutorials Shubi Husain awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie® Award 2014admin Thu, 05/12/2016 - 14:58

New Delhi, INDIA – January 01, 2015– SHUBI HUSAIN, Founder & Managing Director, Health Sanctuary Pvt. Ltd. awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie® Award in Asia, Australia & New Zealand, at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business held at a glittering ceremony at New York City, USA .

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