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Running Short Of Time, Go For Targeted Weight Loss at Health Sanctuary

Running Short Of Time, Go For Targeted Weight Loss at Health Sanctuary

Running Short Of Time, Go For Targeted Weight Loss at Health Sanctuary

It’s the umpteenth number of times that Health Sanctuary has lived upto the expectations of targeted weight loss of those who needed it the most when it was required. 


Be it a marriage ceremony a fortnight away or a medical exam with clear specifications, Health Sanctuary under its able mentor and lifestyle celebrity Ms Shubi Husain has delivered targeted weight loss when everyone else had despaired and put their hands up. 


In this recent case, of 35 year old Rajeev Kumar, it was a clear race against time. He was given a clear task of losing 10 kgs in 10 days by the medical examination team, before they can further carry on with his results for recruitment as a Vet. Mr Rajeev, who weighed 80 kgs was required to lose 10 kgs when he happened to visit Ms Shubi Husain at her Greater Kailash – 1 centre. His first visit was akin to a guy who had almost given up hope, low in confidence and the thought of hoping to face the medical board lost to despair. 

However after the 30 minutes of counseling session with Ms Shubi Husain, Rajeev came out a changed man. Full of hope and raring to give it a try, he joined Health Sanctuary’s accelerated or more popularly known as Quick Weight Loss Program. 


After a rigorous week Rajeev could lose 6 kgs, almost 1 kg behind schedule. The intervening counseling sessions boosted his confidence and the will to carry on, come what may. 

Its also a matter of great appreciation, as one of the Slimming Manager at Shubi Husain’s Health Sanctuary says, that Rajeev Kumar had the will and the zeal to follow all and every instruction given to him to its fullest. On the 7th day when put on an extensive Detox Diet,  along with an hour of brisk walking / jogging (though was not essential) , Rajeev followed it with utter sincerity and on the 10th day when he faced the medical team, they were not only astonished but became too inquisitive to know about Health Sanctuary and what they did to make him achieve an unimaginable target. 

Subsequently while having a light talk during Rajeev’s visit to Health Sanctuary, we happened to ask him a few crisp questions, to which he was happy to respond as below: 


Q1.    What was your reason for choosing Health Sanctuary?
Rajeev Kumar: They plan and customize their weight loss programs only after analyzing all medical and physical parameters and each of these combo program is a unique experience.

Q2.    How were the Diet / Therapies that you underwent?
Rajeev Kumar:  Indeed a Great, Never before Experience. Some that I think really worked wonders were these:
In Breakfast, It was a choice of Detox drink / Antioxidant platter / Green smoothie
For Lunch, it was any plant or animal based protein intake.
For Dinner, it invariable had to be a homemade vegetable broth or salad platter


Q3.     Any Workout / Exercise Regime recommended: 
Rajeev Kumar: Yes, a brisk walk  and running upto 2-3 km. It was specifically to suit, per my age. 


Q4.     How did you stay motivated? 
Rajeev Kumar: Health Sanctuary’s team particularly Ms Shubi Husain mam gave me the requisite confidence that made me believe in myself and that this target is achievable.


Q5.     What’s the most difficult part or the Negative of being Overweight? 
Rajeev Kumar: Well, it’s the Low Confidence that slowly creeps in plus the Loneliness that too builds over time.


Q6.     How do you see yourself 3-5 years down the line? 
Rajeev Kumar:  After achieving my target, I am really very confident that in future I will maintain my weight, come what may and will try to give more importance to my fitness.


Q7.     Any Lesson learnt from weight loss and your experience at Health Sanctuary?  
Rajeev Kumar:  Always plan your day from daily diet to exercise. Good health leads to Good body and that eventually leads to a Good and Enjoyable Life.


Q8.    Any Parting or Thanking Words?
Rajeev Kumar: My heartiest thanks to Madam Shubi Husain and Dietitian Pinky and the entire Health Sanctuary Team. Now I am a very happy person from within. Thank you all.


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