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Have you ever considered water birth for your delivery? Are you considering a...

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Have you ever considered water birth for your delivery? Are you considering a...

Have you ever considered water birth for your delivery? Are you considering a...

Top Benefits of Water Birth: Pain Relief and Beyond.


Have you ever considered water birth for your delivery? Are you considering a natural birth? Women agree that the soothing effects of warm water can ease pressure, stop pain, and further support the body, making it much easier to move freely and have your baby naturally.


Water birth also benefits babies - relaxed moms mean relaxed babies, and the water allows for free blood flow and plenty of oxygen to the baby during labor.


Birth tubs are available in many hospitals and almost all freestanding birth centers. Tubs can be rented or hired to use during a home birth. You can use the tub for laboring and giving birth, or use it for labor and get out of the tub to birth your baby.


Reasons to Plan a Water Birth


Stress reduction and pain reliefSoothing warm water promotes calm and relaxation which helps stop stress hormones. Stress causes more pain as the body tries to slow labor down until the stress passes, so contractions are less painful in water. You're able to relax and work with birth.


Increased flexibilityWater gives freedom and balance so you can move around and control your delivery. It reduces the feeling of heaviness as the buoyancy of the water keeps everything light. With no gravity, everything comes in easily and naturally, making labor and delivery easier.


Decreased need for medical interventionWarm water alleviates labor pain and labor itself can be shortened. Decreased medical intervention like pain reliever and epidural anesthesia help your baby move smoothly through the pelvis and birth canal. Warm water also makes the perineum relax and become more elastic to accommodate your baby's head as it passes through. This reduces the incidence of tearing and helps prevent episiotomy.


Provides gentle transition for baby Your baby's transition is easier since a pool of warm water is similar to the amniotic sac. Water lets the baby arrive in a warm and wet womb-liked place where he can spread out gently. Since baby's breathing will not start until he comes out in the air, risk for drowning is low. Babies adjust very well to being born in a birth pool. Many moms notice babies born in water are naturally calm and alert.


Water birth provides many benefits for both you and your baby. Water greatly relieves pain and gives you freedom of movement to work with your baby so he or she moves down smoothly. All of this means a safe, natural birth for your baby and a satisfying experience for you.


By the way, do you want to learn more about how to have a healthy pregnancy, free of complications, and develop skills that will let you go into labor relaxed, confident, and feeling prepared?

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