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Why Posterior Isn't Perfect...

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Why Posterior Isn't Perfect...

Why Posterior Isn't Perfect...

Positioned For Success: Turning Your Baby From Posterior To Anterior.


Why Posterior Isn't Perfect


A baby in the anterior position can more easily tuck his or her chin, which means he or she moves the smallest part of the head through the pelvis. Posterior babies present with a larger part of the head in the pelvis.


As a baby settles into the pelvis to prepare for delivery, most turn anterior; that is, most babies will be born facing your back. Babies usually turn before labor, but sometimes the little one needs a bit of encouragement to turn. While infants can be born "sunny-side up", posterior births can be more difficult on both the baby and the mother.


Problems With Posterior


While a posterior baby is not a huge problem for delivery, having an anterior baby makes an easier labor. Some of the problems with posterior positions include:


  •     Early water breaking
  •     Extended labor
  •     Slow labor
  •     "Back labor"


Turning baby from posterior to anterior can keep labor shorter and less painful.

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