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Important Advantages of Non Surgical Liposuction

Important Advantages of Non Surgical Liposuction

Important Advantages of Non Surgical Liposuction

Traditionally surgical intervention to take out that extra fat was the only approach that the medical fraternity knew of. However with the advent of various technologies like cavitation (sound waves), cryolipolysis (fat freezing technology) etc, reducing weight without getting under the surgeon's blade has really become a possibility and is counted as one of the major advantages of non surgical liposuction. 


However still many people retain the phobia of the age old traditonal surgical methods and thus keep postponing their weight loss pledges and in return add to their woes as further diseases creep up in the meanwhile.


The New non-surgical liposuction thus involves absolutely no surgery whatsoever and because of this very difference there are numerous advantages that can be enumerated below for these new procedures:


No scarring, bruising, soreness or bleeding

As these new Non-Surgical Liposuction treatments are completely non invasive you will not have the after effects of traditional liposuction including, scars, soreness, bleeding and discomfort.


No anesthesia for any non surgical liposuction procedures

You will not have to have any type of anesthesia at all, general or local, since there is no surgery involved. Thus the non-surgical procedures are totally painless, unlike traditional liposuction in which you have to have an  anaesthesist administering you with measured doses of anesthesia thereby eliminating any risks at all that can be associated with it.


Lunch break procedures with NIL down time

With Non-surgical liposuction you're free to execute your normal activities immediately after the procedure, while there is no pain or discomfort at all, unlike traditional liposuction in which you are advised to rest for hours to days.


Zero risk of infection

As there is no incision with Ithese treatments there is absolutely no risk of infection, in comparison to traditional liposuction which can be very invasive and so widens the chance of infections.


More areas can be treated in one go

Non-surgical liposuction offers more number of parts of the body that can be treated which targets certain fat cells without harming the surrounding areas and thus can be used on even the most sensitive and thinnest of areas. Traditional liposuction is significantly too invasive for sensitive areas of the body.


Tightens skin and reduces cellulite

Non-surgical liposuction has got the great advantage of tightening your skin and reducing cellulite; traditional surgical liposuction doesn't possess this great advantage and actually leaves your skin saggy after the procedure has been performed.

The list is endless as there are many more advantages that can be associated with Non-surgical procedures that Health Sanctuary administers to its esteemed clients. 


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