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Health Sanctuary Reviews - 17 Kgs Weight Loss By Miss Dhaanya, 21, Delhi

Health Sanctuary Reviews - 17 Kgs Weight Loss By Miss Dhaanya, 21, Delhi

Successful Weight Loss Journey of Dhaanya Arora - Health Sanctuary Reviews And Testimonials


At 70 Kgs of weight and barely 21 years of age, Dhaanya Arora, a student studying in Delhi used to feel very uncomfortable after meals and while going to bed. Obesity was slowly taking a toll on the young girl and she developed thyroid and was on medication for seizures. While surfing on the net, Dhaanya happened to come across an advertisement of Shubi Husain's Health Sanctuary. Although not very happy with her previous encounters with slimming clinics, She still decided to personally meet Nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain. 


Dhaanya immediately fixed up an appointment and drove to Health Sanctuary's Greater Kailash -1 clinic. As she now recalls, it was her lucky day. She met Shubi Husain in person and appreciates her counselling and convincing even to this day.


Dhaanya left no time in registering for Health Sanctuary's Quick Weight Loss Program. As on date Dhaanya lovingly thanks Shubi Husain and all her staff at greater kailash, for the amazing weight loss of 17 kgs that she could achieve. She fondly recalls that this shedding of weight could happen despite the fact that she was having thryroid and was also on medication for seizures. Invariably, one of the side effects of medication for seizures is weight gain. However still, after overcoming all hurdles, Dhaanya reduced from a bulky 70 kgs to a slim and trim 53 kgs in a matter of just few months.


Since the time, Dhaanya's weight has reduced, she has become quite figure conscious and has fallen for her looks. Now she maintains and asserts that she is never going to put on weight again, thanks to the counseling and lifestyle recommendations that she carries with her from her fantastic and life changing experience at Health Sanctuary.


Dhaanya is all praises for Health Sanctuary and recommends it's Quick Weight Loss Program in addition to many other anti-aging procedures to anyone looking for sure shot weight loss. 


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