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Hear Sarthaks' Testimony To Know How Fast You Can Lose Weight?

Hear Sarthaks' Testimony To Know How Fast You Can Lose Weight?

You must have often come across weight loss clinics that claim that they can provide you the fastest possible weight loss. When you ask them to provide verified testimonial or a reference to a client who has been on their program and who has been happy to lose and vouch for in person.


Some such clinics might put you on strict weight loss diets while some others could provide you with some kind of medication that could be toxic and harmful to your body in the long run.


So what do you do? Well the best weight loss that anyone can go through is by not subscribing to any such kind of supplements or artificial foods or specific medications. Thus the best and the healthiest form of weight loss is the natural weight loss which shuns all the above artificial means mentioned.


This natural weight loss program could include something to do with your calories that you consume (strictly no starving). It could include increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate so that your body burns calories at a faster rate and thus do not allow turning those into any stored fat. Well there are innumerable ways that are safe enough, in which you could increase your BMR. Lipolysis could be a good option as its one such non-surgical way to achieve weight loss 


Recently, Satya Sarthak, a student of Class 12th and in pursuit of his passions, came up with an urgent requirement to lose 10 kgs to participate in a competition in the 100 kgs weight category. Since his weight was 108 kgs since quite some time, so he was in a fix, barely knowing what to do and how to reduce the 8 kgs as the deadline was barely 20 days away. 


Weight loss testimonial - Shubi Husain's Health Sanctuary


Sathaks parents were also worried for his as it had been a toil of almost a year that Sarthak had come to participate in such a competition. The concerned parents scoured the net for Sarthak. They zeroed down on almost half a dozen clinics and centers offering quick weight loss services. They spoke to each one of them and directly to the person who would be responsible to provide and supervise the service.


After a lot of toil, based on their experience and a visit to the centre without Sarthak, they could finalized Shubi Husains Health Sanctuary Clinic. And no wonder, as they later on recalled, It was their good luck and instinct based on their research that they were bang on target.


Once having finalized, an appointment was taken and Sarthak was introduced to Ms Shubi Husain, the Consultant Nutritionist and Lifestyle celebrity under whose aegis the Health Sanctuary clinics function. Shubi Husain, analyzed the complete situation and the urgent requirement and made Sarthak register for the Quick Weight Loss Program which was a combination of various technologies in addition to the regular counseling sessions.


Sarthak achieved his targeted weight loss in a mere 18 days by losing 10 kgs and reducing to 98 kgs from 108 kgs with even two days to spare. This was no less a miracle for not only Sarthak but his parents as well. The hard work, sincerity and discipline which Sarthak displayed and which was appreciated by Ms Shubi Husain and her staff later was commendable.


Thus on the 20th day Sarthak went for his medicals and cleared them with flying colors, and he could proceed to  participate in his intended category.


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