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For all the fitness crazy people..

For all the fitness crazy people..

For all the fitness crazy people..

For all the fitness crazy people.. If you happen to be in the business of looking good, it is the moment to stop taking stress and start taking measures for the ultimate transformation. 

Qualified lifestyle managers, trained fitness gurus, passionate gym owners, corporate packages, personal training – there exists out a supremely competitive industry waiting to transform your ‘just not quite there’ physique into a statuette of physical beauty.

Getting into shape in a few weeks is a very hard task, and honestly requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Anyone waiting to embark on a physical transformation program should be ready to put in the hard work. If 10 different people are given the same training program, every one of them will come out looking different.

There exist genetically different people, one who can put on kilos of pure lean muscle by just looking at a set of dumbbells, and then there can be another diligent, passionate trainee, who sweat blood, eat right and give his workouts everything – and lose a few inches here and there, but for the large part look the same. Does this hold true for you? 

Here are a few pointers for anyone starting out on a transformation.

  • How much seriously do you want to change yourself? No one, no trainer, program, coach or mentor can help you with your health and fitness if you don’t want to be helped. You will succeed only if you are sincere in your approach. Remember, looking good is a byproduct of eating clean, nutritious food, training smart and diligently, and committing to your decision to live a healthier life.
  • Stop blaming and start doing. It is very easy to blame a job, a busy spouse, kids or the ever unsettling household chores for your lack of health, but seriously, you have to take charge of your own health.
  • Don’t ever let your zeal to stay fit die! A healthy, fit and energetic body has to be maintained. Enough of water, physical activity, sleep and right food are the key points for your entire life. You can’t look good and feel great with just 3 hours of sleep or indulging in smoking or drinking or partying day in day out. Do indulge in merry making but again moderation is the key. Years of smoking, drinking the liver off and eating too much will leave a mark, but some cream on your coffee once in a while will do you more good than bad.
  • Break out of that rut and move ahead of your training plateau. It’s almost an unsaid rule – if you don’t change or upgrade your training program, progressively overload your physical capacities, and stay focused, the rate of return starts diminishing fairly quickly. So find a good training partner who believes in your goals, or an organization committed to actually supporting your needs.

Above all, take charge of your health and take an interest in your fitness. Never alienate the two! In the end, it is all about being able to do what you want, and making the most of your body and mind.


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